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Our philosophy is focused on healing, facilitating awakening, expanding consciousness and using sound as a tool for transformation, well-being and unity, through different personalized experiences for individuals or groups.

Group Experiences


Gong Bath

It is called a bath because the participants are immersed in the vibrations of the instruments, allowing a state of deep relaxation. Duration: 1h30


Immersiom Gong

It is the intermediate session,

a bridge between the traditional gong bath and the all-night gong puja. Allowing a state of deep meditation

Duration: 3 hours


Gong Puja

It is a healing ceremony where the gongs keep their sound throughout the night. Allowing a state of deep meditation.

Duration: 7h30


Sound Ceremony

It is a ceremonial concert where we fuse music, art, dance, theater.

Duration: 2 hours


Individual or couple experiences


Gong therapy

In an individual therapy with Gongs we work with the intention of the client creating a harmonious and caring space to enhance the intention and achieve a deep transformation.

Duration: 1h30


Sound massage with Tibetan bowls

Meridian Sound Massage is a technique where we place the bowls on the body and we slide them following the lines of the meridians throughout the body, taking us to a state of deep relaxation and regeneration.

Duration 1h30

Experiences for companies and spiritual retreats


Gong Workshop for Companies

Sessions designed to lower stress levels and achieve an optimal state of well-being, is a unique tool for workers to reach states of meditation and awareness.


Event Organization

Sessions specially designed to lower stress levels and achieve an optimal state of well-being through different dynamics

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