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Immersiom Gong

The ImmersiOM Gong is a special 3-hour session, it is a bridge between the traditional gong bath (1h30) and the all-night gong puja (7h30).

Each session we make a unique combination of instruments from different cultures.

The power of the Gong has universal implications because it symbolizes and releases the prevailing rotating cosmic force of the universe, called AUM (OM).


The Gong produces long lasting waves of sustained tones, creating a fully enveloping and resonating sound field. This translates into energy that penetrates the cells of our body, producing effects on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The sound waves created by the Gong immerse you in a deep relaxation, providing mental clarity and allowing you to open a sacred space of silence, where you can recognize and restructure limiting emotional patterns and habits.



The Immersiom is facilitated between 1 and 4 sonotherapists. In addition to the gongs, we also include different ancient instruments such as Tibetan bowls, rectogongs, shamanic drums, flute, shruti box, mantras, and medicine chants.


These instruments stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with clear, peaceful, meditative states of mind.

We adapt to a wide variety of events where we can offer our sessions: yoga rooms, spiritual retreats, festivals, art galleries, museums, theater, companies and we also offer the option of traveling for private events.


The Immersiom Gong have a duration of 3 hours

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