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Gongs Puja

It is a Sacred Healing Ceremony where the Gongs maintain their vibration and sound for 7 and a half hours without interruption. Puja means ceremony or ritual in Sanskrit.

It is a silent meditation accompanied by the creative, subtle and magical sound of the Gongs. It will be done at a moderate and constant volume so that the body can integrate the energies of the Gongs without disturbing sleep.

Throughout the night the sound vibrations multiply in space creating an enveloping sound field full of harmonics that directly affect the physical, emotional-mental body and the subtle bodies.

Immersion throughout the night produces deep relaxation, reduces stress, balances the nervous and glandular systems for better functioning, stimulates circulation, frees the thoughts that the mind discharges, removes energy blocks, facilitates self-healing and self-rejuvenation.


After the start of this sacred ceremony, the only sounds will be the Gongs. We will all silently meditate and rest along with the creative sound. It ends with the sunset.


The Ceremony has been created by Master Don Conreaux (of the first 5 students formed by Yogi Bhajan) and is dedicated to World Peace.

We have learned directly from the creator of the Puja de Gongs Don Conreaux and participated in 6 ceremonies led by him and we count on his blessing to do them.


The Gong Puja is facilitated between 1 and 8 sound therapists and we use between 6 and 11 Gongs. These instruments stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with clear, peaceful, meditative states of mind. We adapt to a wide variety of events where we can offer our sessions: yoga rooms, spiritual retreats, festivals, art galleries, museums, theater, companies and we also offer the option of traveling for private events.

The Puja Gongs have a duration of 7h30

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