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Gong for Business

New research points to the dissemination of sound therapies as a solution to the conflicts generated in the work environment.

Our Gong Bath Workshop helps to find the physical and mental balance of the participants, who will reach a state of deep relaxation through complete immersion in the sound of the Gong. This practice reduces stress and anxiety, in addition to releasing the mental blocks that arise in the work environment and enhancing values ​​such as intuition, fluency in making decisions and motivation.

This practice is a unique tool for workers to reach states of meditation and awareness, which they can apply to their business environment to achieve better performance and a positive transformation in addition to enhancing the feeling of belonging to the company.




  • Improve communication between the work team.

  • Finding balance through confidence in yourself and in the other.

  • They help to work on aspects such as creativity, intuition or concentration .

  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Increase the perception of well-being, satisfaction and fulfillment in different areas of life, including work.

  • Improve work performance.

  • Reduce costs for medical treatments, turnover and absenteeism.

  • Techniques for greater concentration and focus.

  • They provide a feeling of peace.

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