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Gong Bath

The gong is a thousand-year-old instrument of transformation that today is used in various areas of human life, the main use is within the field of sonotherapy, meditation and yoga due to the profound effect it produces on the body and the mind. The term Bath Gong means that you bathe in the sound waves generated through the vibration of these instruments, to purify us from stress and everyday problems.

It induces us a state of meditation and spontaneous relaxation that facilitates the movement of vital energy in all our bodies. This effect promotes vitality, healing, and awakens awareness for transformation. The people who come receive the sound lying down and with their eyes closed, the experience is like being wrapped in a chrysalis, being able to feel how you melt into the sound field.


In a fast-paced world, these vibrations help the mind slow down, shift focus from the left side of the brain (logical, thinking, rational) to the right side.

(creative, intuitive).

In addition to the gongs, we also include different ancient instruments such as Tibetan bowls, shamanic drums, flutes and harmonic chants. These instruments stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with clear, peaceful, meditative states of mind.



The Gong Baths are facilitated by 1 or 2 sound therapists. We adapt to a wide variety of events where we can offer our sessions: yoga rooms, spiritual retreats, festivals, art galleries, museums, theater, companies and we also offer the option of traveling for private events.

The gong baths last 1h30

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