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Mem Gong Yoga Training with Petra Trtnik and Tim Byford

MEM Gong Yoga of holistic resonance is created by the great master of the Gong Don Conreaux, it is a yoga of unity.

Mem Gong Yoga Training with Petra Trtnik and Tim Byford
Mem Gong Yoga Training with Petra Trtnik and Tim Byford


To determinate

To determinate


MEM Gong Yoga of holistic resonance is created by the great master of the Gong Don Conreaux, it is a yoga of unity. It is a yoga that teaches you to reach the presence in the here and now. Through physical exercises and kriyas it offers an open window to your emotional ties, hurts, memories, pains… But it does not stop there, it immerses you deeply in the underlying causes, offering deep liberation and healing on many levels. It makes you vibrant and resonant like a Gong. It is a yoga of intention, focus and purpose. Very simple and easy to learn at first glance, but the more you get to explore and experience it, layer by layer, the more it is able to offer you ...

For starters, MEM Gong Yoga focuses on 39 muscles, each linked to one of the 12 main meridians, working on the emotions they share and maintain. Accompanied by breath, movement, awareness, intention, affirmations ... we release stuck emotions, congested energy and old patterns stored in our body, thus promoting health, well-being and inner peace within everyone's reach.

It is the Yoga of creativity, it allows and teaches you to design your own Kriyas in this way to become a "Yoga Design Scientist" for yourself, for others and an intuitive Yoga teacher.

The first module is more self-oriented to practice, but lays the most important foundation for becoming a Gong Yoga teacher. Most importantly, it takes you on a very powerful journey of self-discovery and self-healing that could change your life.

In this training we will learn to: - Get to know Gong Yoga and what it is about - Learn Yoga Gong exercises - Explore MEM (muscle, emotion, meridian) connections and how to work with them - Immerse yourself in the "anatomy" of breathing - Experiment and open ourselves to connection with our healing voice through Voice Yoga and chants with Shruti Box - Learn about focus, intention and purpose - Learn about mantras - Enrich our medicine bag - We will practice Gong Yoga every morning and gong baths every night guided by our teachers - We will learn to create personal Gong Yoga kriyas based on your needs - Explore Gong Yoga with and without Gongs - Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment, but also full of affection, love and care - We will learn to integrate Gong Yoga in sound therapy, gong baths - Co-create a very special 24-hour Puja

Petra Trtnik is a certified therapist and teacher of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Dorn-Breuss Therapist (Health through the spine), Massage Therapist, Mayan Spiritual Healer, Gong Master, Gong Yoga Teacher, Yoga Instructor of La Laughter, Vocal Coach, Sound Therapist, singer, artist and creator of the FrEmo technique to release stagnant emotions. She is the mastermind behind the 24-hour MEM Gong Puja and the creator of MEM Sound Therapy of Holistic Resonance. She is one of the first generations of students at MEM Gong Yoga, trained directly by Don Conreaux, creator of this system, as well as collaborating in the translation and assisting Don in various trainings. Combining all this and his wide field of experience in different therapies, both group and individual, his teachings focus on self-care and service to others.

Tim Byford Tim began his working life in the theater as a lighting and sound technician, alongside a committed but disappointing career as a rock and pop drummer. His passion for music led him to complete studies at the University of Brighton and after graduation he began his social work of teaching music to young people, the homeless and people with addiction problems. He studied hypnotherapy, past life regression and a powerful shamanic initiation in the Ecuadorian Andes. In 2009 Tim had his first encounter with the Gong. He studied Gong and other sound therapy modalities "The College of Sound Healing" then continued training with Don Conreaux and Aidan Mcintyre participating in different trainings such as Gong Master Training, MeM Gong Yoga, Gong Consciousness and Gong Teacher Training. Tim now works alongside some of the wonderful teachers he trained with, including Don Conreaux, Aidan Mcintyre, and Petra Trtnik. Currently he teaches trainings on the path of Gong and Mem Gong Yoga, works as a sound therapist, also organizes events and drum workshops. Singer-songwriter dedicated to recording and producing his music. His intention is to inject creativity, fun and presence into his work, dedicated to serving a better and happier world.

Place DIAFANUM ( ) Avenida de Antonio Machado Santa Cruz del Valle - Avila / Spain

Just 2 hours from Madrid in a perfect and intimate setting for our deep inward journey.

Price: € 990 (includes all teachings and training materials, accommodation in shared rooms and food.

EARLY BIRD: € 940 For registrations until 02/16/2020, 2020

To secure your place, send an email to (English) or (Spanish) and make a non-refundable deposit of € 150


Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish

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