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Rolf Nitsch

Rolf Nitsch was born in northern Germany, near Kiel, in 1956.

After school he began his apprenticeship in metalworking. Then, he met Toomas Paiste, who liked Nitsch's style of craftsmanship.


In 1977 Rolf began his training as a Gong maker in Paiste, which included in addition to the Gongs, the construction of stands, packaging and shipping. In the close guidance of the great Gongmaster Toomas Paiste, he was formed working together with Rudi Bonness and Siegfried Jusseit (building Gongs since 1947) he had the best training one could achieve, currently he is the only surviving member of that creative master quartet.


This general Gong Creating experience lasted over 20 years. Then in 2012

began to develop and research the Gongs and its effects on
music therapy.
In early 2013 he cooperated with Johannes Heimrath and Sona Gongs. As a result of this cooperation, Rolf Nitsch created the Gongland Gongs series. Now made by himself in his own workshop and constantly evolving.

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