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Sun, Feb 23


La Casita del Gong

The Magic of Sound - New Moon Meditation

We invite you to our concert The Magic of Sound, this time we will open the sacred space with a special meditation on the new moon and then the journey of sound.

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The Magic of Sound - New Moon Meditation
The Magic of Sound - New Moon Meditation


Feb 23, 2020, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

La Casita del Gong, Calle Rodríguez Ayuso, 25, 28022 Madrid, Spain


We invite you to our concert The Magic of Sound, this time we will open the sacred space with a special meditation on the new moon and then the journey of sound.

The crystalline, sweet and ancient voice of Mariannáh, her different instruments, the sound and vibration of the cosmic gongs of Alejandro Notz will guide you on a deep and healing inner journey, transporting you to the ancestral and stellar forests towards the essence of the universe, towards your origin essence.

The Elvish Song is a sacred song in the ancestral language through which we communicate with nature and with other beings from the heart. It is a song of the Soul and its vibration acts at the unconscious level, opening dormant perceptions. With its sweetness and delicacy, it transports us to the times when we lived in harmony with the earth, with nature and with the universe. Elvish chant opens the door to those memories, reconnects us with them, thus reconnecting us with our original essence. Listening to it leads us on a journey within ourselves, filling us with serenity, peace and joy.

The Gong is an ancient, powerful tool and much more than a simple percussion instrument, the cosmic energy that it expands covers absolutely the entire body and penetrates each molecule, immersing you in the vibration waves of holistic sound. Many live an inward journey, in a state of deep relaxation, clearing their subconscious and returning later with a much clearer vision of reality. It reduces stress, tensions and diseases, balances the nervous and glandular systems for better functioning, stimulates circulation, develops the front part of the brain, harmonizes meridians and chakras.

The shamanic drum connects us with the heart of Mother Earth. Its deep sound takes us to a space of recollection within us, from where we can feel the Love that surrounds us and the strength and protection that the great mother offers us. It opens that space where we feel protected, welcomed, loved and cared for, which sometimes in daily life we find it difficult to reach. Since ancient times it has been used as a tool to connect with the heartbeat of the earth and with our own internal heartbeat, matching our pulsation to its own, calming our body, opening spaces of Love that reconnect us with our essence.

The Kinnih or Kigonki is a high vibration instrument that balances and harmonizes. The purity of its crystalline sound harmonizes our subtle bodies facilitating the connection with the higher planes and with our Being. It raises our vibration giving us a feeling of lightness and leading us to a state of serenity and peace.

Alejandro Notz is a Sound therapist trained in harmonic singing, Tibetan bowls and gong)

Mariannáh (Myriam Palomar) is a transmitter of sacred healing songs in the ancestral language, a sound therapist, and a facilitator of voice workshops. Facebook: fractalgongproyect

Sunday February 23 Time: 17:30 - 19:30

Place: La Casita del Gong Calle Rodríguez Ayuso, 25

Contribution: € 20 Cancellations with less than 24 hours must also make the contribution.

Info and reservations: Mariannáh - 609748655 Alejandro - 665186516

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