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Sun, Feb 09


La Casita Del Gong

ImmersiOM Gong - 3 Hour Special

The ImmersiOM Gong is a special 3-hour session, it is a bridge between the traditional gong bath (1h30) and the all-night gong puja (7h30). We will be immersed in the vibration of the 5 magical gongs, 4 rectgongs, didgeridoo, flutes that we will play subtly.

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ImmersiOM Gong - 3 Hour Special
ImmersiOM Gong - 3 Hour Special


Feb 09, 2020, 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM

La Casita Del Gong, Calle Rodríguez Ayuso, 25, 28022 Madrid, Spain


OM is the primordial creative sound, from which the entire Universe has manifested. It is the most sung sound among all the sacred sounds on earth. It is considered as the sound of existence, of cosmic energy, and the root mantra of all mantras. It is the creative movement of life, cycles and rhythms.

OM is not actually a word, it is a sound, a vibration. According to the Hindu tradition, OM is the purest name of God. It is the sound of the supreme consciousness.

When we pronounce a mantra we are creating a vibration to which all our cells will respond. Therefore, by chanting the Mantra AUM (OM) we will be connecting our entire Being and all our cells, with the vibration of creation, allowing us to heal on many levels.

OM can be invoked from the top down, from the bottom up, from the inside out and vice versa. Each of us is in OM and OM is in us.

The Gong produces long lasting waves of sustained tones, creating a fully enveloping and resonating sound field. This translates into energy that penetrates the cells of our body, producing effects on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The sound waves created by the Gong immerse you in a deep relaxation, providing mental clarity and allowing you to open a sacred space of silence, where you can recognize and restructure limiting emotional patterns and habits.

The power of the Gong has universal implications because it symbolizes and releases the prevailing rotating cosmic force of the universe, called AUM (OM).


Alejandro Notz (Gongs, diphonic singing, flutes, shruti box)

David Smy (Gongs, Rectagongs, Tambourine, Didgeridoo)


C / rodrígguez Ayuso 25

Contribution: Presale:

€ 25 (only 4 tickets)

General admission: € 33

Special price for groups from 4 people,

Information and bookings:

665186516 (alex)

Bank transfer data:

Headline: Alejandro Notz concept: RESERVE immersion in February

BANKIA: ES85 2038 1096 1560 0062 9741

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