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Tashi Massimo Fabbrucci

Musician and sound therapist, I started my research on the therapeutic properties of sound and music in 2010, after the decisive encounter with the Hara Yoga practice and its founder, Master Gio 'Fronti.


So, I undertake a path of study and practice of the "codes of vibration" that leads me to deeply explore the relationship between the harmonic components of sound and the human being as a vibrant soul. Studying with Albert Rabenstein; oriental music therapy, the Yoga of sound (Nada Yoga) and Hara Yoga itself.

In 2012 I gave life to the ONDEROTONDE project (means "round waves") that deals with the dissemination of experience and knowledge related to the therapeutic and evolutionary use of sound vibrations. In 2013, I began to experiment with metalworking, trying to understand how to guide the behavior of sound in matter to new and specific vibrational modes.

After 3 years of research, always supported and accompanied by the loving care of my wife Yashà, WOM spontaneously arises, a new act of expansion in the journey of discovery of the mysteries stored in Sound.

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